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Illustration Painting

Headshot with desired Background ($80) [+ $60 Additional Character]Halfbody with desired Background ($150) [+ $80 Additional Character]Fullbody with blurred Background ($200) [+ $100 Additional Character]Fullbody with detailed Background ($250) [+ $100 Additional Character]
(All will have the desired background of the client.)

Lockscreen commission

Phone lockscreen with desired Background ($180) [+ $100 Additional Character]

(All will have the desired background of the client.)

Food Commission

Food Commission Headshot: $80 (Additional character: + $60) Food Commission Bust : $150 (Additional character: + $80) Food Commission Full Body : $200 (Additional character: + $100)

(All will have the desired background and food of the client.)

Candy Gore

Candy Gore Bust: $80 (Additional character: + $60) Candy Gore Full Body : $200 (Additional character: + $100)

(All will have the desired background and insides and blood/liquid of the client.)

Terms of Service

Before commissioning me, especially NSFW, kindly read my Terms of Service.

Terms of service and guidelines are subject to change without notice.

I only accept payments through PayPal.I can refund and decline a commission anytime if I believe I can't deliver it.I reserve the right to keep the full resolution artwork.I may charge extra depending on the complexity of the commission or if any large changes/additions are requested.I will only work the commission if I have the time and opportunity to do so. Also, there's no order of delivering.If I haven't worked on your commission for 6 months, you can ask a refund and cancel the commission.I will not refund a finished commission if you're unhappy with it, but will try to make changes to the picture within reason.I reserve the right to post the art in my gallery and art boards like FurAffnity and DeviantArt.I may record videos of the artwork for my Patreon or YouTube channel.I reserve the rights to re-print the commissions by default UNLESS stated otherwise.Once I create an image for you, you are welcome to use it however you please for any non-profit intentions. (You may produce print outs of the copy (For wall decoration, posters, etc.), but you are not allowed to re-sell any item using the artwork.)

NSFW Terms

I focus on sensuality and passion, I am very scrutinizing of pieces that could be extremely objectifying. LGBT+ characters are more preferred. Consensual light bondage is allowed. No PIV (Penis In Vagina) due to personal reasons.No extreme endeavors such as exaggerated body proportions. No socially harmful, abusive, traumatizing pieces such as rape, abductions, child pornography, non-consensual or any ambigous consent, incest, zoophile and etc. If I were to receive any requests like these, you are permanently banned and I will make the public aware of such harmful intentions. I will make a public blacklist so people could reference on it about people who have these kind of histories.

By agreeing to a commission to me, you are agreeing to pay me the full amount of your commission up front once it is confirmed and understand and agree to all the terms above.


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A Lion/King Cheetah Hybrid who has hellfire curse. He is married to Cal, Uglewen's character. Him, Uglewen, and Thanshuhai are business partners. Follow them on twitter!

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